Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby (MMRD) is a skater-owned and operated flat-track roller derby league established in 2010 in Massachusetts. They house two travel teams, Mass Maelstrom (A-team) and the B’Zerkers (B-team).

MMRD is a proud member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association. The Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is the international governing body of men’s flat track roller derby. Originally founded in 2007 under the name Men’s Derby Coalition, MRDA promotes the sport of roller derby by sharing resources and knowledge gained through our experience as skaters, business owners and organization leaders.

In 2013 The MMRD took home the championship title at the Mohawk Valley Cup in Rome, NY.

The History of Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby

Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby is a skater owned and operated Roller Derby league incorporated in Massachusetts. Founded in 2010, team is a ranked at 12 out of 34 member leagues in the Men’s Roller Derby Association[1]. MMRD regularly competes in bouts across the county. In 2014 the team was ranked 6th in the world and competed in the MRDA Championships[2].



Although practices times and locations vary, they consistently occur Thursday evenings at Roll On America just off Route 2 in Leominster, Massachusetts. New skaters are always welcome to try out for the team by participating in special training sessions which do not involve contact.

Central Mass Roller Derby

Many of the league founders initially practiced with Central Mass Roller Derby starting in 2008[3]. Belle Air Bomber explains the origins of this women’s league and the circumstances by which they accepted men at their practices: “Let’s see I want to say it was late 2008 when my friend asked me to start a roller derby league with her. It was going to be both men and women. There was a male ref from New Hampshire Roller Derby, Reffington Steele who wanted to help. So the 3 of us, that turned into 4 when his crazy girlfriend wanted to do it to. At first the boys came in slowly there was Josh the first guy who joined he had friend over at PVRD but that was to far. We had boys come in slowly, not like the girls. I’m not sure exactly when the boys started showing up but it was exciting having boys like Cider, Rottentail and Bill come in[4][5]. All if a sudden we had a family. There was this one thanksgiving that we had (pre-thanksgiving) at belle’s house it was awesome. It was family. It was my kids birthday. Almost 17 and she still adores rottentail ( his biggest fan till this day). What I loved about the boys was how they would push you well me anyway, some if the girls whined about it. The split. Cindy owned the league and because numbers were different there was a lot if discord between the men and women because the requirements to play in a bout were different. So at some point it seemed like it was time, the boys needed their own practice time with girls who wanted to skate and help them not with the whiners. This happened right before the CMRD/word split. Which was perfect for them.”

League Formation

In late 2011 Central Mass Roller Derby decided to try to become a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association league which restricts the participation of male skaters. As such Mass Maelstrom split from Central Mass Roller Derby and form their own league. Deep InCider, Side Swipe, Belgian Awful and Speeder Parker stepped up to become the leagues first Board of Directors. At the same time a men’s team in Taunton, Massachusetts known ad Infinite Mass Roller Derby had recently had some restructuring, and had no home. The two leagues merged and became what is now Mass Maelstrom. Deep InCider and Stryker from Infinite Mass Roller Derby were co-captains of the combined team.


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